Our factories are located in Technology Park Malaysia (TPM). There are 2 sites – Alpha and Beta. In Alpha stage, we have green stage, bio-processing room, laboratory for R&D activity and red stage. Beta facilities have included the head quarters, laboratory for R&D and analytical activities, and a new LG area for bio-processing and 15,000 sqft red cultivation.

To ensure the highest of Quality Control Standards and Specifications, Algaetech’s production facilities are certified and applies GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP throughout cultivation and processes for producing micro-algae biomass especially for food purposes. The cleanliness, hygiene and ‘suci’ requirements are kept under control at all times. Food grade or higher quality of media ingredients for the cultivation of selected micro-algae is obligatory. All steps involved during cultivation of microalgae and processing are without pesticides, herbicides, solvents or any other toxic substances.

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