In Alpha, we have green stage, bio-processing room, laboratory for R&D activity and red stage.

 This is the Mother Culture Room (MCR) where the Juvenal                 This is the Red Stage where the algae reach the requirement

(Baby Algae) and Pure Culture is produced                                                              for produce Astaxanthin



Beta facilities have included the head quarters, laboratory for R&D and analytical activities, and a new LG area for bio-processing and 15,000 sqft red cultivation.


                      Our main entrance in Beta                                                                                       Our meeting room in Beta

Our System Cultivation

green stage
  • Cultivation takes place in a system designed by Algaetech called the Algae Vertical Polybag PBRTM System.

  • Aside from being affordable, quick to construct, and high volume/area efficiency, this Vertical Polybag PBRTM system is also highly portable.

  • Harvesting is a process of separating the algae from the water and it involves a series of dewatering steps to reduce the bulk water volume significantly.

  • After dewatering process, the sludge will be homogenized for cracked before drying.

  • A Drying through a Cryogenic Vacuum Freeze Dryer will freeze the sludge, which will is then rapidly dried resulting in dried powder output.


  • Astaxanthin produce from a unique algae called Haematococcus Pluvialis.

  • Astaxanthin we produces it using our wonderful system (AIMSys – Algae Integrated Management System).

  • Algaetech developing Algae Integrated Management System or AIMSys, an innovative technology solution that has become our key market differentiator.

  • AIMSys is a customized beginning-to-end process for the cultivation, harvesting and processing of microalgae.

  • AIMSys provides global real-time and online monitoring of the process throughout its operations.