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UNIMAP Visitation

For your information, on 29 September 2015 we are being visited by Universiti Malaysia Perlis ( UNIMAP). They come from PERLIS that was north of Malaysia that was Border between Malaysia and Thailand. They are 55 students and 5 lecturers involved in this visitation. In addition, they are final year students who are major in [...]

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Rubytah Che Wan Visitation First of all, we introduce to you Rubytah Che Wan who has known as supplier beauty product in Malaysia. Who know Rozita Che Wan will know her because Rubytah Che Wan is the one of Rozita's sister. All of must be know this Diva of Malaysia by its beauty and popularity. [...]

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UNIKL Visitation

For your information, on 29 September 2015 we were visit by Unikl to our company. Their objectives to visit our company because our company's research relate to their studies. So they make decision to come and visit us to learn more about research on Astaxanthin in daily life, product and for animals. We give them [...]

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Canada Visitation

In 2nd December 2011 we being visited by International University that from Canada. We welcome them with big heart because they want to visit our company. They was 20 MBA students and 1 guided that was Miss Zuzana Vedralova also from there. They come from Victorian University Of Canada. Too far away come just to [...]

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Distributors Meeting

Distibutors Meeting From Four Region On 29 September 2015, we invited four Zon Region distributors to join on our meeting. From Central Region that was from KL and Selangor. We have Lau Kon Hing Egg Dealers SDN BHD, Perniagaan Telur Low Hin Ching, Perniagaan Wah Sing SDN BHD and Sai Kim Enterprise SDN BHD. Then, we [...]

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