UNIMAP Visitation

For your information, on 29 September 2015 we are being visited by Universiti Malaysia Perlis ( UNIMAP). They come from PERLIS that was north of Malaysia that was Border between Malaysia and Thailand. They are 55 students and 5 lecturers involved in this visitation. In addition, they are final year students who are major in Industrial Biotechnolgy Program. They are also department Engineering Of Chemist Technology. Besides, they not just come for their study but they can take a view and the smell of our lab also can make they more healthy than before.

Their objectives or their gold here is for expose students to up date their knowledge in studies. Furhermore, it is also for research microbial cell using microalgae and manufacturing process facility for the bioproduction of products such as spirulina. The visitation is from 9am-5pm then they going back to their University. They enjoy their visitation and take some picture with our product,staff and our facilities also. We honored to take them against to make one more visitation if we have that chance we want to do more than before.

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