Canada Visitation

In 2nd December 2011 we being visited by International University that from Canada. We welcome them with big heart because they want to visit our company. They was 20 MBA students and 1 guided that was Miss Zuzana Vedralova also from there. They come from Victorian University Of Canada. Too far away come just to visit our company.

Besides, for your information all of them not a chemist student but they come for research in Industrial Plankton Specializing On Photo Bio Reactor (PBR). That was shocked us because we though they was Chemistry student. Our expectation was not too closed to what they have. Furthermore, they want to know about the competition between algae business in Malaysia . Their visitation start from 9am-2pm because they are heading to the Universiti Malaya for their visit. Eventhough we have short time together but seems we are getting friendly cause they are too socialable and outgoing person. We hope to see they again after this because our company getting more bigger and there are more research room than before.

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