Rubytah Che Wan Visitation

First of all, we introduce to you Rubytah Che Wan who has known as supplier beauty product in Malaysia. Who know Rozita Che Wan will know her because Rubytah Che Wan is the one of Rozita’s sister. All of must be know this Diva of Malaysia by its beauty and popularity. Furthermore, his husband also well known as one of legendary comedian in Malaysia. You all must know Mazlan Ahmad or more known as Lan pet pet. He was very funny guy in their group is called “Senario”.

On 5 January 2016, Rubytah Che Wan come to our company and visit us. She want to know more about Astaxanthin process because she interested to be one of our buyer for our Astaxanthin. Since she was a beauty product supplier so she want to apply our astaxanthin to her product. So we bring her to visit our company to tell her more about it to make her more interested. She come to here just for bussiness not for any study project or what.

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