Astaxanthin Tour is our new way to make you more easy to know about our company. For your information, our company Algaetech International SDN BHD is the first company in asia that use astaxanthin in our product. You very lucky when you reach this site because we’re still new.

All of our staff will guide you to explore our company. In addition, we also provide many packages to create your day more brighter than before. This is new way to make you know more about biotechnology and astaxanthin. If you want to know more, you just click this link Algaetech


We provided some packages for the tourist which are very reasonable and affordable. The price for the packages are according to the tourist itself. For children, they have different price tickets then adults. You also can book the packages whenever you want!


We offer individual packages for our Astaxanthin Tour which is :-


We offer group packages for our Astaxanthin Tour which is :-

Mini Van Tour

Tour Bus